Ask TIAA CREF to divest its Occupation funds

You don’t have to be a student or teacher to sign a petition asking TIAA CREF (a teacher’s retirement fund) to divest its funds supporting the Israeli Occupation. You just have to care about justice.

Here is a copy of note I posted on my companion blog at Oregon State University:

To my colleagues at OSU:  Please review this petition developed by Jewish Voters for Peace asking TIAA CREF to divest from funds profiting from the Occupation.

A regime that undermines Palestinian human rights, including the right of its university to remain open, does not deserve our support, as was the position of Hebrew University’s Solidarity with BirZeit University Committee during the  year I taught at BirZeit.  Certainly we should not profit from such a regime by allowing our retirement fund to provide economic support for it.

Having lived among Palestinians civilians at Ramallah the year that I taught at Birzeit, I have seen firsthand the effects of the Occupation on both Israelis and Palestinians.

The Occupation condemned by the UN has undermined not only Palestinian human rights but Israeli security and integrity– as in the jailing of teenage Israeli draft resisters who have attempted to develop interpersonal diplomacy between Palestinians and Israelis.

Merely to escalate the same actions that have undermined peace in the last three decades and expect different results is insanity, as the recent attack on the boat bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza indicates.

Please help to change this.

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