The Dandelion Wars: The Costs of Lawn Cosmetics

By Madronna Holden “The earth wants peace.  The birds who eat the corn do not want poison…The wind does not want to carry the stories of death.” –Linda Hogan, Dwellings In many home improvement stores this spring, the first thing you will come upon is a display indicating that humans are engaged in a war […]

Enough Already! Time to Ban Roundup

By Madronna Holden Update 4.23.2015 Monsanto is currently being sued for false advertising for claiming that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is safe. Protecting our Children’s Future Yesterday a kind neighbor stopped by to praise my garden in this wonderful blooming time of year. We got on the topic of dandelions and she eagerly […]

Lecture Seven: The Green World

Lecture I want to start this discussion with a personal memory from my year of teaching at the Palestinian university at BirZeit. It features a Palestinian elder who lost his family’s house (and thus his ability to have a family of his own) in the Six Day War.  He did not blame the soldiers—but “when […]

Biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest: Lessons from a Living Land

By Madronna Holden One reviewer of a manuscript I wrote changed the Upper and Lower Chehalis peoples into the “North” and “South” Chehalis, in spite of the fact that these peoples traditionally lived (and still live today) along a river that runs east to west.  This man obviously thought that since north is “up” on […]