Badger Medicine

Badger Medicine

By Madronna Holden (copyright 2014)

Be inevitable.

Fight like the sun

Fights for the day.

Get everything to open its eyes

Before you.

Melt something:

Let it run, like honey,

Binding the wound,

Leaving behind only

The tribute of bees

The memory of flowers.

Suck out the poison.

Spit it out and start again,

Spit it out and start again,

Until you have spit out a waterfall

Where salmon

Can leap their way home

From the other side.

Do not give up

Because you have told yourself to give up.

(Do not repeat to yourself

How many things can go wrong):

Give up only

When there is nothing else to do.

(And there is always

Something else to do).

All secrets have storms in their eyes:

Go there: moan the hurricane aloud,

Speak its voice, honor that

Which asks to be sung.

With your own voice,

Fling it back into the wind

As beauty, thanking it

For the gift.

Dance like a tree, your energy

Running up from the earth,

Become your own breath

In common with the world’s breath:

Dance, carrying light

In your arms,

Landing on your roots;

Stay close to the earth

Against the danger of being lost,

Move so you will not break,

Listen to the seasons to hear

When to sleep inside and dream,

When to reach out.

Do not forget to look

Into the eyes

Of the one you are working

To bring home again:

He is your own lost father and brother:

She is the sister and mother of your own soul:

They are the grandparents of life,

Waiting to be brought home again

By your work.

Sing it out,

Dance it out;

Wait patiently

For it to come out

When it is time

To wait patiently,

Bear witness,

Refuse to disappear;

Stroke it out,

Laugh it out:

Lay your head

On its drum of life

And whisper

How the world needs

Its spirit.

Do not give up.

Fight this way

To bring every lost one home

(To bring your own spirit home)

Because there is no other way,

Because it is our task

To learn how to love

In every lifetime.

3 Responses

  1. Oh!! This one is fabulous too. I love your spirit and the rhythm of your words.

  2. I needed to hear this today. Thank you.

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