Before the Eyes of the Earth We Are Eternal

Everything that remains

Remembers how to love:

These two stumps cuddle one another

In their roots, staying together

In the arms of the earth

Where their ghosts and shadows

Remember a whole heaven of leaves,

Of swaying in the wind.The seed

They made with such longing

Enters their sweet decay

To rise up singing.

The last bee does not desert

The last flower.

The last of the day

Announces itself

On the mountaintop;

Fruit makes its wild red remarks

On the pale edge of winter,

Asking to be chewed and buried

For its sweetness.

Our bones remember

The skin we are to them,

The muscle that wrapped us to them,

Stroking our way in great lakes

That faced the sun wholeheartedly,

Consumed with being here,

With lying wholly in the arms

Of the possible.

At the gate of the day after

There is a core of each of us left.

When we have been eaten in this time

We get up and stretch

Our infinite invisible legs

To walk to that time

Where the eyes of the earth

Can see us once again.

This poem was originally published in Fireweed.

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