That Which is Fought Over in Heaven Falls to Earth

The immortals- so the story goes–

Once fought over the perfect pearl

Urged into light by the claws of the jade dragon,

Stroked into an eternal circle

By the beak of the golden phoenix.

But since none in heaven

Would loose their hold on it,

None could grasp it.

It slipped from their hands

And fell to earth to be

The water of our lives.


Thus each jewel of an earthly lake

Mirrors heaven:

Each cup of fresh water

Carries the sparkle of the sun,

Each river follows the forest of stars

From which the phoenix flies,

Navigates the caves from which

The dragon of morning wakes.


The ineffable Queen of Heaven

Mourns the jewel she loved:

But the farmer honors it in the voice

Of the tide that flows

Into water for the fields:

In the voice of the holy woman who took her family

Beneath the unbroken surface of time

Answering the riddles of heaven

For the sake of life on earth.




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