Teaching Materials


(Class notes from my Folklore classes at Linfield College).

Lecture One: Folklore and Mythology: Definition and Function

Lecture Two: Folklore and Oral Tradition

Lecture Three: Ancestors and Heroes

Lecture Four: Humor and Community; Tricksters and Human Freedom

Lecture Five:  Archetypes and the Great Mother

Lecture Six: Men and Women

Lecture Seven: Sacred Geography: The Sense of Home

Lecture Eight:  Ritual and Integration

Worldviews and Environmental Values

(Class notes from  my Philosophy classes at Oregon State University)

Lecture One: Introduction and overview

Lecture Two:  Interdependent versus Dualistic Worldviews

Lecture Three: Reciprocity

Lecture Four: Does Land Belong to the People or People to the Land?

Lecture Five: Humans and Other Animals

Lecture Six:  Wildness, Technology and Domestication

Lecture Seven: The Green World


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