Below are links to poetry posted here, some previously published and some not.

Ask the River How to See this World

Badger Medicine

Do Not Worry about the Dry Season

Advice from the Cemetery

The Revolution below Us

Prayer Sticks on Bald Mountain

To Flower in the Rain

The Descent of Inanna

The poems that make up the theater piece, “The Descent of Inanna”, were performed by the Eugene Chamber Theater and written in community with producer Catherine Vandertuin, musician Jeff Defty and the remarkable actors that embodied this ancient myth.

3 Responses

  1. “I can visualize”

    The winter wind blows the snow around,
    delighting the kids inside, irritating some others
    the snow piles high and freezes overnight
    turning into kids sliding hill, yet a burden for others

    The snow, the rain, the sun, the wind
    each is uniquely wondrous, uniquely guided
    the hand that guides them all
    is the hand that feeds us all

    • Lovely words and idea here, Sayed. A wonderful idea of commenting in poetry! Are there not very different ways in which we may see this world– as this poem indicates– as a gift or an inconvenience?
      And yet in the end, we are united by the gift of life. It is my sense that if the heart of God is large enough to embrace us all, that is a challenge for us to open our own hearts in a similar way.

  2. Thank you Dr. Holden.
    Everyone has a unique perpective that if used in the right way and for the right occasion, will raise our spirits and clear our minds, provided we instill a genuine appreciation for the beauties of nature within us.

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